Success Because Of Service

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While going about my business today (i.e. taking a shower), I was reminded of the lyrics from an old Petra song:

These days shallow and feeble
resolve abound
And true devotion and
passionate fervor
are seldom found
But there are those who often feel
they’re all alone
Those of whose identities are known
by the mark of the crucified Son

Praying, caring, loving, sharing
These are the marks of the cross
Giving, bearing, feeling, daring
To lay down your life on the line
Forgetting what you leave behind
And willing to suffer the loss
Of the marks of the cross

It seems that a great deal of my thoughts these days center around returning to the “fundamentals” of living a Christ-centered life.  I’ll be honest, it’s very easy for me to become cynical at what I think is such rampant self-centeredness in our culture.  With each passing day, it seems more and more difficult to find examples of people who are willing to value what Jesus valued, and that’s other people.

That’s why when I see an example of someone getting it right, I think it’s worth a mention.

In the last month or so, I’ve discovered the website of Paul Steinbrueck and  Paul’s blog post today (follow the link) celebrated a notable milestone in a self-run endeavor: surpassing 20,000 Twitter followers.  That’s not the part that impressed me, though.  What caught my eye was how Paul chose to commemorate the occasion.  Rather than give away some swag or make a gratuitous back-patting display, Paul chose to give away himself.  He chose to value the people who have helped him attain his milestone, and he’s doing so by offering his time and energy to anyone who requests it.

That, my dear readers, is getting it RIGHT.

The son of God made himself a man and walked among people, lived the life of a normal person, and experienced all of the joys and pains of a normal person.  Why did he do it?  He did it because he loves us.  You and me, all of us.  He did it because the one thing he valued above all else was relationships.  Jesus Christ came down from heaven, lived as a man, and died as a man so that you and I can have a chance to have a restored relationship with God.  That should teach us how much God values people and relationships.  If we want to live as disciples of Christ and do as Jesus did, then we need to value other people more than we value ourselves.

Paul Steinbrueck set a great example today.  Thank you, Paul, for reminding me of an important lesson, one that I’ve been guilty of forgetting lately.

I’d like to encourage anyone who reads this to check out the link above, follow Paul on Twitter, and RSS feed his blog.  There’s good information there.  Instead of feeding yourself on the latest celebrity gossip and negative news, spend some time filling yourself with some Jesus.  I know I need to.