The Great Summer Trip – With A Slight Delay

Photo courtesy of some guy with a daughter named Elyse. That's all I know.

When you have your heart set on doing a certain thing at a certain time, it can really blow chunks to have to reschedule.

That happened to me today. As I stated in an earlier blog, I’ve had to take on a third job to make this trip happen.  Unfortunately for me, I got my wires crossed on when the pay periods were, and I may have slightly overestimated my earnings in the next couple of months.  After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I came to the conclusion that even though I wanted to leave on June 3, my overall fiscal situation will look much better if I delay the trip three weeks and leave on the morning of June 24.

So delay I will.

I’ve had the afternoon to settle into a mild funk about postponing for three weeks, but it may not be so bad after all.  A slight delay should turn a trip with tightly controlled finances into a trip with some wiggle room for the unknown.  Plus, it may give me the chance to add a few farkles to the bike before I leave.  I’ve been eyeballing a few ways to add USB power to the bike for my smartphone, and I’ve been contemplating a much larger oil cooler, too.

Breathe deeply, Shawn.  It’s only three additional weeks.

Reset the clocks, everyone!  It’s now T minus 8 weeks and 3 days until departure.

In the meanwhile, I bought a new seat to replace the truly terrible, awful, sadistic park bench of an original seat that’s currently on my bike.  This is the new one (on its way):

This one should swaddle my derriere in anesthetizing comfort.  At least I hope it will – 100 miles on my original seat usually has me wishing for the comfort of a red-hot poker or a hill of fire ants.

I had a seat just like this one before.  It’s made by Travelcade and marketed as their “Double Bucket” seat (creative name, no doubt).  I liked the one I had because it lifted me up about an inch and moved me about an inch closer to the handlebars… both good things.  I sold it prior to the trip that my wife and I took in the summer of 2009 because I had it in my head that while it was far more comfortable, it sho’ was ugly.  I let form get ahead of function.  Big mistake.  I have to remind myself that I can’t see it when I’m sitting on it anyway, and my butt just can’t take any more abuse.  My new throne should be here tomorrow.  You’ll read it here when it’s installed.

The Rabbit Hash General Store will just have to carry on without me for an additional three weeks.


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