The Great Summer Trip – Bringing Up The Rear

Guess what arrived in the mail today?  That’s right… my new seat!

I’m not 100% positive, but I think the seller shipped it via USPS Priority Mail.  I think he had some extra stamps laying around, too.  I’m not complaining, though.  The seat arrived in excellent condition.  He even wrapped the mounting posts in little foam covers so that they wouldn’t poke through the plastic bag that he wrapped the seat in to keep it protected from water damage.  A real Type A, anal retentive packer… my kind of guy.

The first order of business was to remove the stock seat, otherwise referred to as the “Weapon Of Ass Destruction”.  If I were a 5’4″, 105 lb. Asian guy, I probably wouldn’t mind that seat so much, but I’m not.  I’m 195 lbs. of hamburger eatin’, flag wavin’, apple pie lovin’ American He-Man who loves his mama, and that seat has got to go.  It was with a certain sense of grim satisfaction that I tossed it unceremoniously onto the far end of the work bench.

Unpacked and mounted, the new seat definitely changes the look and feel of the bike.  Compare the stock seat (top picture) with the new seat (bottom picture):

Maybe it’s because the last 15,000 miles have dulled my visual senses, but the new seat doesn’t seem quite as ugly as the one I used to have that was just like it.  Maybe age and maturity have taught me to look past outward appearances and see the inner beauty.  Maybe my butt hurts so much that I just don’t care anymore.  In any event, the new seat’s on and I’m happy.

I’m guessing that the prior owner was either a smaller guy than I am or he didn’t use this seat very much, because the foam feels barely broken in.  It’s stiff, but hey… it beats feeling like I’m riding on the seat pan.  The whole thing lifts me up about an inch and moves me closer to the bars by about an inch as well.  I’ll definitely need to put some miles on this and break it in before I leave in June.

As an added benefit, the extra height and width of this seat lifts my Nelson-Rigg CL850 saddlebags well clear of the exhaust pipes.  The stock seat had them almost sitting on the muffler.  I’ll post some pictures at a later date.

One major obstacle down, only a couple more to go.


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