Teaching Children How To Serve

Photo courtesy of LiveIntentionally.org

Pop quiz.  Everyone set your pencils down.  We’re going to do this with a show of hands.

First question:  How many of you think that it’s good to serve other people?

Okay, put your hands down.

Nest question:  How many of you have ever taken time to serve others?

Good, you can put your hands down now.

Third question:  How many of you have taken your children with you and had them serve alongside you?

Hmmm… not so many this time?

Don’t feel bad.  I’m guilty of it, too.


In the last couple of months I’ve become a regular reader of Live Intentionally.  Recently he posted a blog about the value of taking your children with you as you go serve other people.  The part that stuck out in my mind was the tenth item:

“If you serve people who are struggling financially, it gives your children the opportunity to see how blessed they are. Serving with you will help them develop a sense of gratitude and a passion for giving.”

Having been homeless before in my childhood, I can identify with that.  As I’ve grown, I’ve come to believe that one of the largest blessings that came from our homelessness was that it helped me to maintain a proper perspective on “stuff”.  God has blessed me with a good life, even when I complain like a child about not having more.  As my sons grow and develop in their understanding, I’ve been motivated by the desire to give them a larger world view; to help them understand that they’re not the most important people in the world, and that God desires that we humble ourselves and serve others the way that the Master did.

Let me encourage you to read the Live Intentionally website.  Paul (the owner) has a lot of good things to say.  He has given me a couple of very prescient and valuable reminders in the last couple of months.  Let yourself be challenged.  Put yourself in a place where God can tell you things in way that you may not have heard them before.