Out Of The Mouths Of Babes – Buttering Up Dad

Patrick got new shoes today, his first with actual shoelaces.  As such, he hasn’t yet learned the fine art of tying and untying his shoes.

I brought the boys home from school today, with Heather following behind me in the other car.  When the boys walked into the house, Patrick sat down on the floor and started trying to make sense of removing his new shoes.  Naturally, he had trouble, so I taught him what he needed to do.

“Grab here”, I told him (pointing to the loose end), “and give it a pull.”  As expected, the loops disappeared.

I then told him, “Now stick your finger under here and lift up.”  He did, and then the shoe was untied.

This is old stuff for you and me, but remember that Patrick is six years old.  Untying your own shoes for the very first time is a magical event, like riding a bike without training wheels or learning how to undo a bra from the front.

Right about then, Heather walked through the door.  Flush with the excitement of his first shoelace triumph, Patrick told his mother, “Look, Mom, I learned how to untie my shoes… from the smartest person in the family!

You just can’t buy that kind of PR.